You know about computers, right?

Like most office managers or tech pros, you’ve probably discovered that you are IT support. Troubleshooting computer problems, answering technology questions, and repairing network glitches takes up far more hours than you ever anticipated.

These days, every business relies on computers and networks. As a result, more and more of your time is spent managing technology issues, and less and less of your workday is spent doing your job. Consequently when technology fails, all eyes turn to you.

This all-too-common problem is one of the reasons we began offering IT services in the first place. Pit Crew understands the important role technology plays in your organization. You likely have more important things to think about. We also know that you need a resource you can turn to with your technology questions.  That resource should provide straight, clear answers Рnot a string of acronyms and high-tech jargon.

What can Pit Crew do for you?

Read about how Pit Crew IT tuned up a local San Antonio law firm.

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That’s why we offer our managed IT, fixed-fee programs that provide straightforward answers and the full-service technology support you need. In addition we pull back the curtains, so to speak, and provide monthly reports that highlight what happens behind the scenes and provide a pulse on the health of your network. Trending this information over long periods of time allows us to assist you in making informed technology decisions that are data-driven and not based on guesswork. The ending result stretches your IT dollars farther, and you become the IT hero.

Answering hardware and software questions and fixing, managing and maintaining computers and networks is what we do best. We offer a full range of IT services and support to help you increase productivity and improve performance because that, after all, is what you do best.

Pit Crew saves me so much time and now I can concentrate on my work rather than trying to help our staff with day-to-day IT issues. I can’t be everywhere at once and do my job too, so having the ability to tell the staff they can call Pit Crew to their IT questions is simply wonderful!

Sarah C.

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