For immediate help, call (210) 547-0305, option 1.

Support Hours

Regular hours: Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm CST

Emergency hours: Monday – Friday, 5 pm – 8 am CST; Saturday – Sunday, 24 hours

Remote Support
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For existing customers:

Critical Issues:

IT issue preventing you from working?  Call now: (210) 547-0305, option 1.

Non-Critical Issues:

Pit Crew IT Services provides software for managing support on your network.  You can initiate a support request from your computer using the instructions below.

1 Look for the green flag icon (  ) in your system tray near the clock in the lower right-hand corner of your main monitor screen.

San Antonio IT Support Step 1

2 2. Right-click on the icon to bring up the menu and select “Open”.

San Antonio IT Support Step 2

3 From the dashboard presented, select the “Tickets” tab.

San Antonio IT Support Step 3

4 Select the “New Ticket” button.

San Antonio IT Support Step 4

5 Enter the details of your ticket and then select the “OK” button to submit the request to Pit Crew’s help desk.  A refresh of this tab will show all currently open tickets for this device.

San Antonio IT Support Step 5

6 You can also review current tickets open for the computer, add notes to any open tickets, or close the ticket out if the problem is fixed from the ticket screen as well.

San Antonio IT Support Step 6