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of CFOs say cloud computing will have the most measurable impact on their business.

What are Cloud Services?

Cloud services refers to using remote servers via the internet for a variety of services.  These services can include cloud computing, internet-based email, remote storage, and more.  Data is stored on the remote server, and as a result your data can be accessed from anywhere you need it.

Cloud services allow you to outsource your entire IT operation, easily adapt to growth or contraction, reduce your capital expenditures, and respond quickly to new market conditions. If you are looking for this kind of flexibility, then you need cloud services provided by Pit Crew IT Services are a perfect fit for you.

Working in the cloud frees you to request access to applications through Pit Crew and its partners only when you need them.  As a result we can save your business thousands on software purchases, development costs and licensing fees. For example, if you want to cut costs by moving to an e-billing system, the expenses of traditional technology may exceed any savings. However, if you opt to partner with Pit Crew as a cloud provider, you will pay for e-billing services as you use them realizing immediate and permanent cost savings.

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What are the benefits of cloud services?


Cloud services perfectly fit businesses that are growing or have fluctuating bandwidth.  If your needs increase, cloud capacity can be scaled up easily taking advantage of the remote server’s services. If your business no longer needs that capacity, then that capacity can be scaled back down.

Disaster Recovery

All business should invest in a robust backup and disaster recovery system.  Smaller businesses may lack the required cash and expertise to institute such a system.  As a result, cloud services become the perfect candidate for this role.  Small businesses make use of cloud-based backup and recovery solutions twice as much as larger companies.

Automatic Software Updates

Since the servers are maintained offsite, Pit Crew takes care of security and software updates for you.  You don’t have to waste time maintaining these systems yourself or using in-house staff.  Our managed IT service becomes your IT department.

Work from Anywhere

With cloud services, if you have an internet connection, you can be at work.  No need to drive to the office because you forgot to copy a file.  Just open your device and connect to your network just as if you were there.

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