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I’m Eric Murcia, bringing you another episode of Tech Tip Tuesdays from Pit Crew.  Today we’re going to continue our discussion along the lines of security and show you how you can scan files, web addresses, and things like that that you receive from email.  Just to make sure that they’re safe before you open or browse to those sites.

I want to introduce a website that we utilize here quite a bit, and we’ve found to be very, very helpful.  Our engineering staff uses it all the time.  It’s called (  It gives you the ability to upload files.  You can search potential web addresses.

For instance, we’ll search our web address here (  You can see where it scanned it against sixty-six different antivirus engines all over, and everything has come back clean.  Which would give us a very high probability that we’re not going to contract any sort of viruses or anything visiting this website.

So I highly encourage you to utilize this whenever you’re unsure about sites you’re visiting or files you’re opening.  It can really be a lifesaver.  Join us next time for another episode of Tech Tip Tuesdays.

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