We crossed Microsoft’s end-of-life date for Windows 7 last week (January 14, 2020). While we’ve been using Windows 10 for some time now, Windows 7 will be fondly remembered. The spiritual successor to Windows XP served us well over the last 10 years. That being said, holding on to the past can be dangerous. If you haven’t upgraded to Windows 10 yet, you’re putting yourself at risk.

Risks of Still Using Windows 7

Now that support has ended, Windows 7 will turn into a playground. Hackers will seek out undiscovered security flaws. This will lead to the creation of malware designed to exploit those flaws. Microsoft will still release updates to Microsoft Security Essentials to detect viruses. However, the OS itself will remain unpatched.

Why You Should Upgrade to Windows 10

You don’t necessarily need to go out and buy a new PC. Simply upgrading to Windows 10 can put you back on solid ground again. If you haven’t done so already, here are a few reasons why you should.

Security, Security, and More Security

Windows 10 was built with modern security in mind. Microsoft greatly improved its built-in security software. Controlled Folder Access can help protect against ransomware. Chrome and Firefox will end support for Windows 7 within the next 18 months. Microsoft’s latest version of Edge (built on top of Chrome’s Chromium Engine) won’t run on Windows 7 at all. The latest version of Microsoft Office only runs on Windows 10 as well.

Old Hardware Can Still Work

The hardware requirements for Windows 10 are fairly low. Taking advantage of minor upgrades can go a long way. Switch to an SSD. Install more RAM. These are both inexpensive options that can breathe new life into your machine.

No Major Upgrades After Windows 10

Windows 10 arrived with the promise of regular feature updates instead of major version releases. They were releasing a new OS every 3 years after Windows 7. Now, feature updates are rolled out every 6 months. Additionally, those updates are free!

What Are You Waiting For?

Everything we’ve stated also applies to Server 2008. It reached end-of-life at the same time as Windows 7. If you’re still using either operating system, really, what are you waiting for? It’s only a matter of time before your device is compromised. We watched it happen with previous versions of Windows. It’s time to upgrade. Let Pit Crew IT Services help! We can handle the entire upgrade process for you with minimal downtime. Request a free consultation today to start the process!

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