Eric Murcia here with another episode of Tech Tip Tuesday.  Today we’re going to be talking about Windows themes or personalization.  I know everybody gets tired of seeing the same desktop and icons and everything across the board.  Quite honestly, I’ve gotten kind of bored with the wallpaper that’s on my test environment.  Here’s a real quick, neat, and free way to kind of personalize stuff.

Windows Themes in the Windows Store

Click on the “Start” button.  Click on the little gear icon which takes us to “Settings”.  Go over to “Personalization.  Then [click] on “Themes”.  I have a couple here.  If we click on “Get more themes in the Store”, it’s going to open up the Windows Store.  Not everyone knows that the Windows Store actually exists, but there is one.  Inside of here, there are tons and tons of free themes.  There’s really something for everybody.  Let’s find something really neat here.  Let’s go with something kind of nature or nature-y.  We’ll go with “Creatures Up Close”.  Go ahead and “Get” it.  This [area] gives us a preview of everything that’s in that series.

Windows Theme Effects

Click “Launch” [after it installs].  It’s going to add it there [in the Windows Themes are within Settings].  It has now made that our default theme.  It has background, colors, some sounds, and it has some cursor effects as well.  Now as you can see, I have that really awesome-looking little cardinal, and I have a green Windows button.  It’s kind of changed everything.

It’s a real quick and easy way for you to be able to personalize your desktop, and you don’t have to look at the same boring pictures that we all look at that ship with Windows by default.  That’s your tech tip for this week.  I look forward to talking to you again next week.

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