The October 2018 Update Is Here

Microsoft released the latest version of Windows 10 this week. Microsoft has been releasing major updates about every 6 months for Windows 10. The most recent update is called the October 2018 Update (version 1809 for us tech nerds), and brings with it a variety of new features. Here are the biggest items of interest.

Better Phone Integration

Recently we showed you how to send text messages from your PC via your Android device. The October 2018 update adds the “Your Phone” app. As long as you’re running Android 7.0 or newer, you can send text messages, access your photos, and more. iPhone users can use the app also, but it won’t have as many features. Both iPhone and Android devices will be able to easily send the website you’re viewing on your phone directly to your PC.

A Better Clipboard

Perhaps one of the best features for power users, the clipboard saves a history just like your browser. Just press Windows + V, and Clipboard History pops up allowing you to grab items copied previously. If you have more than one Windows device, you can allow those devices to synchronize the clipboard. Copy on one PC. Paste on another. This feature is optional, since you likely don’t want to share any sensitive data.

Dark Theme

The new dark theme in Windows 10 is Microsoft’s version of “anything Apple can do, I can do… also”. Select a dark theme for your system in the personalization options, and Windows will automatically activate the dark theme for File Explorer. It also affects context menus and file dialog boxes.

SwiftKey On Your PC

SwiftKey has been a popular keyboard for mobile devices for several years. Microsoft purchased it in 2016 and has decided to add it to Windows 10. Primarily useful for touch devices, the keyboard allows you to swipe from key to key instead of tapping. SwiftKey fairly accurately autocorrects and predicts the word you were attempting to “type”. The more you use SwiftKey, predictions become more and more accurate.

To Update Or Not To Update

The October 2018 Update is available now, but won’t hit Windows Update until next week. Microsoft rolls out these updates to users in batches, so not everyone will receive at the same time. If you want all the new features now, you can manually trigger the installation by simply checking for updates manually.

Major Windows updates take some time to install, which means your computer will be occupied during that time. If you prefer to delay the update, you can do so. The process varies depending on your version of Windows. TechRepublic offers detailed instructions in their article about delaying the October 2018 update.

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