Hi!  Eric Murcia here with another episode of Tech Tip Tuesday.  Today I’ll be sharing with you a really cool feature that pertains to Windows 10 users that have Android devices.  Unfortunately, iOS devices are not supported.  It’s a really neat feature that I think is going to make a difference in people’s productivity.

For those of you that don’t know, I switch to a Mac platform that I run a Windows virtual machine on.  I did that some time ago really as an experiment.  I just fell in love with the versatility of the platform, and I continued to use it.  One of the really neat things about that is that I’m constantly communicating with clients via text message.

MacOS and iOS Text Messaging

It seems to be one of the best ways to communicate with people these days.  Having to take out my phone or my iPad and sending messages from there was just really cumbersome.  It was until a little while after use that I realized that any Mac integrated text messaging with my phone.  It allowed me to send and receive text messages from my phone.

Once I realized that [capability], now I’m like a speed demon these days with sending and replying to text messages directly from my computer.  It allows me to leave my phone or other devices off in the corner either charging, or I’ll often leave it on silent.  It doesn’t interrupt my day.  There is a functionality that is built into Windows 10, and I’m going to show you how to use that.

On Your Android Device

The first thing you need to do is go to the Google Play store and download the Cortana app.  If you don’t know, Cortana is like Siri or like “Hey, Google” or whatever it is that they call it.  It’s Microsoft’s personal assistant software.   Once you’ve downloaded the app, the first thing you need to do is log in with your Microsoft Account or create one if you don’t have one.

Once you’re done with that, open up the app.  In the upper-lefthand corner, you’re going to see something that looks like 3 or 4 little bars.  They call it a hamburger menu or settings menu.  When you click on that, you’re going to see “Home”, “Notebook”, “Reminders”, and we want to click on “Settings”.  Then we want to click on “Sync Notifications”.

Once we’ve done that, make sure that “Missed call”, “Incoming message notification”, (I would turn on “Low battery notification”), and “App notifications sync” are all set to “Enabled”.  After doing that on the phone, we’re pretty well done.

On Your Windows 10 Device

Now we come into Windows, where you’ve already got Cortana.  That little blue icon is Cortana.  Then I click on the “Settings” menu.  I’m going to go to “Notifications”.  I’ve already turned it on.  Ordinarily, this would be off.  Just click on it to turn it on where it says “Send notifications between devices”.  This will make sure that if you miss a call (like if you leave your phone on silent), you’re going to get a notification that pops up on your desktop.  It’ll say, “Hey, you missed a call.”  If you get a text message or a low battery on your phone, it’s also going to pop up.

Texting From Windows Through Your Android Device

The neat thing about the text message piece is that you can, using Cortana, send a text message to anyone that’s in your address book on Windows.  Not on your phone.  They have to be on Windows, so it assumes that you’re syncing the two [address books] in some form or fashion.  Or if a text message comes in and you go over here [to Cortana], you’ll see it in this action center.  At that point, you would be able to go in and click and start replying from your keyboard.

I cannot tell you how much this has increased my productivity being able to send and receive text messages on the Mac platform with my iPhone.  I was hoping that this would bring some productivity to folks that use Android and are on the Windows 10 platform.  That’s your Tech Tip for this week.  I look forward to talking to you again next week.

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