Hi!  Eric Murcia here with another episode of Tech Tip Tuesday.  This week we’re going to be talking about something a little bit different.  We’re going to be talking about power.  If you look at my screen here, you’ll notice that I have Amazon up just because it’s one of the easiest ways I could display information.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

I have up what’s called a UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply.  These little devices are lifesavers when it comes to your home computer or business computer.  Here at Pit Crew, every single workstation we have, including our servers and network equipment, all run on a UPS.

Automatic Voltage Regulation

More specifically, our UPSs have this really neat little feature called AVR or Automatic Voltage Regulation.  What that means is all of our computer equipment is protected not just if the power goes out.  But in events where there’s brownouts or over-voltages, which are very, very bad for computer equipment, it can destroy the internals.  Even hard drives can have losses of data.  A UPS that has AVR is excellent at protecting against that.  We like to say it’s very cheap insurance.

Protect Your Devices

When you spend $600-1000 on a computer, you should spend the extra little bit of money involved to provide a proper UPS.  Make sure you’re getting clean power to it at all times.  This is a neat little unit from CyberPower.  It’s a 1000VA unit.  It should do everything needed for a typical home computer.  There are some smaller units out there, but I wouldn’t go very far below an 850VA or 700Va because of the power demand of computers these days.  Anything in that range should get you squared away, and really help protect your computer from any sort of power issues.

Bad Power Causes Hardware Failure

Most people don’t realize that a lot of the times that they’re experiencing hardware failure like hard drives, processor, and motherboards, it really isn’t an issue of age or component failure.  It’s that it got zapped by power in one way or another.  That’s your Tech Tip for this week.  I look forward to talking to you again next week.

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