Hi, Eric Murcia here with another episode of Tech Tip Tuesday.  Today we’re going to be talking about something that I review with my clients pretty much on a quarterly basis. Sometimes we go a little bit longer than that, but, typically, this item gets reviewed pretty frequently.  That is telecommunication’s pricing. A lot has changed over the years with telecommunications, telecommunications being your internet connectivity and your phone connectivity. That market has gotten extremely competitive.

Telecommunications Provider Comparison

Now, in this particular segment, I’m not going to be talking about dedicated fiber or enterprise solutions. I’m going to be talking about the solutions that are targeted towards small/mid-sized companies. We’re gonna look at two particular providers just because they’re really great examples. They have their pricing posted where you can easily find it, and that’s gonna be AT&T and Spectrum.

Previous Telecommunications Pricing

AT&T offers something that is not a dedicated enterprise connection, but it is called Business Fiber. It does not have the level of reliability and uptime that you would associate with the word “fiber”. It is a best-effort product. Spectrum Business has their product, which goes out over a cable modem. I think everyone is pretty familiar with that by now. If you are already with one of these carriers, the reason why you would want to review pricing on some sort of frequent basis is because if you look at Spectrum here [prices have dropped]. We had clients up until very recently that we were still in the process of converting, that had a legacy 15-down by 2-up connection and were paying upwards of $300/month for that.

Current Telecommunications Pricing

If you look at the pricing now, you can get a 400×100 or a 200×100 for a fraction of what these businesses used to pay. Even better than that, no more contracts. It used to require three-year contracts. Same thing with AT&T over here. No more contracts. It’s month-to-month, but you can see very quickly that you can get a 100×100 for $85. You can get all the way up to a 1000×1000 for $300. The ability to get an extremely high amount of download and upload speed for a very inexpensive price is really there. It seems like the pricing continues to drop year over year. Especially between these two giant providers as they compete for people’s business.

Check For A Better Deal

So, that’s really the gist of this Tech Tip. Review your contracts. Review your connections.  Always look for a better deal, whether it’s with your current provider, or it’s with a different provider. A lot of these companies that we take over, they’ve been paying $300-$400/month for connectivity that’s from the 90’s. They don’t realize because they’ve never bothered to check it. That’s your Tech Tip for this week, I look forward to talking to you again next week.

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