Hi! Eric Murcia here with another episode of Tech Tip Tuesday. Today’s video is going to be about hooking up your Android phone to your Windows 10 device. I know we’ve done a similar type of video before. However, with the popularity of Android, Microsoft has decided to partner with them and create an actual app that has had phenomenal feedback in terms of functionality and everything. So, I’m going to show you how to get a hold of that real quick.

How To Install Android Your Phone Companion

So, the first thing that you do is go over to the Google Play store, which is play.google.com. Once you get there, you just click on the “Apps” section. You can just search up here [at the top]. We’ll search for “Microsoft your phone”. There we go. We’re going to see that app that shows up there, and we’re going to click on it. This is the one that we’re looking for, right here. It should say “Your Phone Companion” by Microsoft Corporation. The app should have somewhere around 33,000 reviews.

It, literally, is as simple as clicking the install button, and going through the process of installing the application. Once done it asks you to sync it to your phone. You have to, I believe, plug your phone in. It sends you a key code that you have to enter in. At that point, your Android phone is now paired with your computer.

App Features

Now, what are some of the benefits of that? Well, there’s a whole lot of different features and functionality that it lists [in the app description]. Really the two big things that stood out to me is the ability to send text messages from your Windows 10 computer as well as receive them. I think that’s huge, you know. Apple users have the ability to do that on their Mac, and that’s a feature they’re not willing to relinquish for anything. The other function, which has been somewhat cumbersome with Android devices in the past, is just getting pictures off your phone and onto your computer. It will facilitate that and a whole lot more through this app integration here.

As you can see, the app has great feedback. It really seems to be something that Microsoft invested some resources in. If you have a Windows 10 computer and an Android phone, and you want to make life a little bit easier and extend the functionality of your Android-based phone, definitely look at the “Your Phone Companion” application from Microsoft. It’s available in the Play store.

That’s all I have for you this week, I look forward to talking to you again next week.

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