Anyone familiar with trying to schedule staff knows that it’s no easy task. The level of complexity seems to grow exponentially with each staff member added to the mix. Mistakes on your staff schedule can lead to unhappy employees, frustrated managers, and lots of creative names for the creator of said schedule.

Conversely, successfully creating a schedule that satisfies staffing needs and everyone’s requests and availability typically goes unnoticed. As a result, sitting down to create a functional schedule brings joy to very few people. To that end, many software solutions saturate the market in an effort to make scheduling easier. Finding a good solution can be difficult, but Microsoft has decided to lend a hand through Microsoft Teams.

Shifts in Microsoft Teams

Part 1 of Microsoft’s solution is Shifts. Shifts will be released soon within the Teams app. Managers can use Shifts to create, update, and manage schedules for all employees. Additionally, managers will be able to inform employees about open or unfilled shifts to see if anyone wants to pick that shift up.

On the reverse side, employees can update their availability, request shifts, swap shifts, submit requests for time off, and even offer a shift to another employee. Managers can review all of these requests and approve or deny as desired. All of this functionality can happen right on your phone.

Home in Microsoft Teams

Home will work in conjunction with Shifts and function as a central hub for all staff. Once enabled, Home is the first thing displayed upon opening Teams. From here, employees can view their shift schedules, clock in or out, and see who else is working the same shift. Managers can also post announcements that will be displayed immediately on Home.

Included with Office 365

The best part about Shifts and Home is the price. Once released, it will be included at no additional charge with any Office 365 subscription that includes Microsoft Teams. If you’re already using Teams, then it’s just a matter of enabling these features.

Don’t go rushing off to find them just yet. Shifts and Home are currently in Early Release and aren’t available to the general public at this time. Microsoft simply states the official release window as “soon”. Their previous solution, StaffHub, will be retired on October 1, 2019. If you’re currently using StaffHub, Shifts and Home is the natural replacement “soon”.

Need A Second Opinion?

Pit Crew IT Services employs a quarterly review system with our clients to help evaluate the current state of their IT solution. This process reviews everything from hardware implementation to software changes. We’re here to help every organization get the most out of their IT solution to provide an efficient, productive workplace. If you’re a current client, feel free to ask about Microsoft Teams at your next quarterly review. If you’re not a current client, request a free consultation below and we’ll help you supercharge your business.