Admit it. You probably just checked your email, didn’t you? Pegasystems just released a new report this week centered on technology and employee productivity. The results may surprise you when you consider that computers and technology increase the speed at which we work. Unfortunately, inefficiency has crept in along with it.

errors every day

The Typical Workday

Over 28 million keystrokes – that’s the average number of keys employees hit every day. Workers average more than 197 million per week. On a daily basis, you’ll average about 845 errors with most of them occurring on Tuesday (and you thought Mondays were bad). Additionally, employees lose one hour every day due to internal meetings, training, and activities.

keystrokes in email every day

Email Productivity

Email provides 15% of those daily keystrokes (that’s over 4 million). The average employee checks their email every 6 minutes and spends nearly an hour total using email during work hours. However, only 34% of that time actually relates to production. Nearly 186 of the errors mentioned in the last section happen while working in email applications.


Even when a company makes use of an application optimized for their industry, employees spend less than 1/3 of their day using it. They spend the rest in a variety of applications. The average user switches applications over 1,100 times per day and uses as many as 35 applications in one shift. Transferring data between these applications results in 134 copy-and-paste routines every day.

Over the course of a month, over 90 different applications are used. When a worker uses more than 30 applications, their error rate increases by 28% as opposed to using fewer applications. As result, this could add up to days lost time over the course of a year or two.

How Do You Improve Efficiency?

Quarterly reviews with Pit Crew include analyzing the state of your current software and hardware situation. Different software may make your business more efficient simply because it’s optimized for your industry. In some cases, newer hardware can dramatically speed up the performance of your network and/or software. Someone once said that successful businesses spend money to save time. Why? You can always make more money. You can’t make more time. If you’d like help analyzing your IT solution and improving your organization’s efficiency, request a free consultation below. We’d be happy to help!

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