When it comes to smartphones, Apple and Samsung have stood at the top for quite some time. Apple has no competition in the iOS world simply because no other manufacturer is allowed to build phones for iOS. Meanwhile, Samsung has to contend with both Apple and every other Android manufacturer out there. That means Samsung has packed every feature imaginable into its new phones.

Galaxy S20 Specs

For the most part, the phones contain nearly identical hardware internally. They all use Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processors. Each includes fast charging, wireless charging, Bluetooth 5.0, and WiFi 6. The base models all feature 12GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. Samsung will also offer 512GB models. The Ultra with 512GB also bumps up the RAM to 16GB.

All models feature an OLED HDR+ display with a 120HZ refresh rate. For those not familiar, a higher refresh rate means the image on the screen is updated more often. This equals smoother movement, animation, and video.

Differences Between Models

All models also feature 5G but with minor differences across the models. The majority of differences revolve around the screen size and camera arrays. The 6.2-inch S20 is considered the base model. It’s missing mmWave 5G and lacks some of the camera features in the larger models. The 6.7-inch S20 Plus adds mmWave 5G and a better camera system. The 6.9-inch S20 Ultra adds even better cameras.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Space ZoomMore About Those Cameras

The camera system plays a major factor in buying a smartphone. Apple’s iPhone 11 boasted better photography due to improvements in software processing. Samsung says it made software improvements on the S20 also, but the major improvements come in the form of hardware upgrades.

Each model comes with 3 cameras. By default, those cameras will shoot photos at 12 megapixels (typical for most modern smartphone cameras). However, you can bump that up… way up.

On the S20 and S20 Plus, you can shoot 64-megapixel photos with the standard telephoto lens (the one you typically use). This allows for 3x optical zoom and 30x digital zoom.

Samsung Galaxy S20 108 MegapixelThe S20 Ultra includes a completely different, 108-megapixel wide lens. Yes.. 108 megapixels. This camera includes a “folded” zoom lens. Combined with some software magic, Samsung claims you have a hybrid (a combination of optical and digital) zoom up to 10x. After that, you can digitally zoom up to 100x.

Typically, high megapixel lenses struggle with low light, but Samsung claims to have solved these problems. Unfortunately, no detailed explanations or demonstrations have been made.

Single-Take Mode

One of the biggest features of these new cameras is Samsung’s “single-take mode.” Every smartphone has multiple cameras and shooting modes these days. You’re used to taking photos with one camera lens at a time. Why not use all of them?

With “single-take mode”, simply press the shutter button, and the S20 will begin shooting photos and video with every single camera it has. After several seconds, the S20 will present you with a collage of still photos, portrait photos, short movies, and GIFs. Choose the ones you like and move on! So far, hands-on reviewers have loved this new feature.

Final Thoughts

Samsung named the latest Galaxy series the S20 in hopes of starting a new generation of phones. Visually, only minor differences exist between the S10 and S20. If you’re an Android user, the Galaxy S20 offers everything you can imagine. At the end of the day, there’s not much new, but they did make everything better. Samsung hopes that’s enough to make people part with their money. The S20 ranges in price from $999 all the way up to $1,699. Even at these prices, it doesn’t come with a headphone jack.

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