The Year of Cyber-Attacks

The numbers for cyber-attacks increased dramatically over 2017 according to a report by Radware.  Cyber-crime factors heavily into that increase.  Between the increased value of health records and cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin), the potential financial gain from a successful cyber-attack makes it hard for hackers to pass up.

Ransomware Hits Hard

Ransom motivated most cyber-attacks and made up the largest portion of all cyber-attacks overall.  Ransomware takes over your device or data and holds it hostage.  Don’t pay the ransom, and you’ll either lose access to your device or your data will be published on the internet.  This type of cyber-attack has raked in millions from victims.  Across the world, 42% of organizations surveyed experienced ransomware cyber-attacks.  That makes for an overall increase of 40% over 2016.

DDoS Attacks on the Rise Also

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks hit nearly two in five business in 2017.  A DDoS attacker floods a website or server with so much traffic that it overloads the server.  As a result, the server ends up becoming slow or completely non-responsive.  On top of that, the inability to distinguish between legitimate users and a DDoS attack makes it difficult to combat this type of cyber-attack without the proper software.

Cost Tracking

Ransomware and DDoS represent major threats, but most organizations have not calculated the costs of these cyber-attacks.  Besides ransom payouts, additional costs can include downtime or data loss.  Either results in a loss of income or even in the closure of the business.  Additionally, a customer will leave or sue an attacked organization following one in every four attacks.  All of these consequences can add up very quickly to a massive loss.

Are You Planning Ahead?

Since the true costs associated with a successful cyber-attack are often unknown, the awareness level has not risen enough warrant attention potential cyber-attacks deserve.  Sure, we know cyber-attacks exist.  However people often assume that their organization is too small to be noticed.  Don’t make this mistake.

Rather than react to a cyber-attack when it happens (which may not be possible at all), plan ahead.  Let an information technology professional implement security measures that will protect your data and your devices.  Make sure you have a secure backup scheme that works.  Prevent the problem before it happens.

We Can Help!

Pit Crew IT Services can help your organization protect itself before a cyber-attack ever occurs.  Using a combination of software, hardware, and IT expertise, we keep our clients ahead of hackers.  Contact us today for a free consultation that help identify areas that need attention.  Don’t risk waiting for an attack to happen.

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