Even if you’ve never heard of iNSYNQ, pay attention. We don’t often get to see publicly the aftermath a ransomware attack can cause. We’re also seeing how improper preparation on multiple levels can have dramatic repercussions. To make matters worse, iNSYNQ still hasn’t recovered completely.

What Happened To iNSYNQ?

iNSYNQ offers cloud-hosted QuickBooks software to CPAs and various mission-critical services to MSPs including Desktop as a Service (DaaS). On July 16, they suffered a ransomware attack that caused iNSYNQ to take their entire network offline as a means of containment. As a result, clients lost access to all services for over three days. Some clients are still without service.

The Fallout From Ransomware

“Mission-critical” is pretty self-explanatory. You can likely imagine the fallout already. Name an accountant that doesn’t need access to QuickBooks. DaaS subscribers can’t work if they can’t access their systems. Consequently, iNSYNQ customers are quite unhappy.

The situation grew worse when the support department started hanging up on customers. Customers then started unloading on the company via social media. How did iNSYNQ respond? They deleted negative comments on Facebook. For a brief period, they deactivated their Twitter account. They reactivated it once they began recovering accounts. Now, many customers are considering finding a new provider. Simply search “insynq” on Twitter, and you’ll see what we mean.

Why Should You Care?

We post about ransomware and malware pretty often. This isn’t done in an effort to scare anyone. Rather, ransomware serves as a very real threat that can damage any business. Ransomware attacks happen. Your business isn’t immune.

The attack on iNSYNQ crippled the initial target and, indirectly, many other businesses. Hopefully, you have a recovery plan in place that will get you up and running quickly after a ransomware attack. If you don’t, we can help! :) However, have you considered how downtime will affect your customers? What will you tell them? Will they remain loyal afterwards?

There are a variety of ways to handle this scenario. Going silent shouldn’t be one of them. iNSYNQ has since started communicating publicly, but the damage is done. Learn from iNSYNQ’S mistakes.  Have a plan for your customer service department and communicate with your customers. It may just save the reputation of your business in spite of a bad situation.

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