Your WiFi is not 5G

First, let’s clear up any confusion. 5G phones have nothing to do with your WiFi. Many WiFi routers have network names like “MyWiFi-2G” and “MyWiFi-5G”. The “5G” used in WiFi is actually referring to the 5 GHz frequency range used by your router. “5G” cellular service stands for the “fifth generation” of cellular technology. We know it’s confusing. Unfortunately, the powers that be didn’t ask for our help during the naming process of either technology.

First 5G Phone

10 years ago, Apple heralded 3G as a major selling point to the iPhone 3G (really the iPhone 2). 2 years later, Samsung released the first 4G LTE phone on the market. By the time the first 5G phone hits the market, nearly 9 years will have passed since the advent of 4G. Yet again, Samsung will be reveling in the title of “first-to-market”. Last week, Samsung released a joint statement with Verizon announcing their partnership to release the first 5G smartphone during the first six months of 2019.

Verizon already launched the first 5G commercial network in October, so it only makes sense to carry the first 5G smartphone. AT&T is catching up quickly as they work to deploy their network in 12 cities this month. AT&T plans to add seven more cities in early 2019. AT&T will also carry the new Samsung device.

Benefits of 5G

5G networks will provide a massive increase in bandwidth, better connectivity, and improved network reliability. In plain English, 5G will be blazing fast – much faster than the current 4G LTE standard. According to Brian Higgins, a VP at Verizon, “5G will usher in a new era of mobile connectivity, allowing people to connect to data, experiences and other people in ways never thought possible.”

One of the most exciting concepts for 5G revolve around the idea of using cloud computing. Due to the speed of the network, your phone would work in conjunction with high-powered cloud devices. When running intensive applications, more processing power could be utilized via the cloud. Data would move so quickly, the technique could be seamless.

5G opens the doorway to making smart devices even more powerful than ever without having to  increase the size of the device. It’s hard to say exactly what the future holds with this technology. In the last 10 years, smartphones and apps have taken over the world. The next 10 years are likely to be just as game-changing.

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