Microsoft often chooses silence before admitting there’s a problem with an update. It seems that the policy remains intact. The current issues revolve around update KB4535996. Microsoft designed it to fix Windows search, printing, and a few other minor bugs. For many users, KB4535996 opened the door to a myriad of other bugs and said, “Welcome!”

KB4535996 Issues

Boot Problems and Bricking

Windows 10 usually loads very quickly during boot. Unfortunately, many users are experiencing issues just turning on their machines. After installing the update, some PCs take a long time to boot up. Users are shown a black screen during the boot process. In other cases, the machine won’t boot at all. It just beeps and displays a blank screen.

Blue Screen of Death

Any appearance of the BSOD is frustrating. KB4535996 is causing the BSOD as soon as Windows loads the login screen. It’s not hitting as many people as the booting and crashing issues. According to Bleeping Computer, over 200 PCs are crashing in just one organization.

Performance Problems

After updating, some Windows 10 users started experiencing slowdowns. Disk usage ramps up to 100%. CPU usage spikes abnormally. The entire system slows significantly. It’s happening on systems that previously had no issues.

Other Issues

Microsoft Visual Studio is blocking developers from signing their executables. Users are suffering from other issues including sleep not working, broken search, trouble opening apps, and more.

Install or Uninstall?

KB4535996 is optional. We recommend not installing it. If you’ve already done so, you can uninstall this update. Go to Settings->Update & Security. Click View update history. Then click Uninstall updates. Look for KB4535996, select it, and click Uninstall. Hopefully, this solves any issues you have.

Final Thoughts

Ironically, the KB4535996 page states, “Microsoft is not currently aware of any issues with this update.” At this rate, Microsoft needs to add a warning to every patch released on Windows Update. “This update fixes some bugs. Some users may experience random shutdowns, a blue screen of death, or complete system failure. Please consult your MSP before installing.”

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