Hi!  Eric Murcia here with another episode of Tech Tip Tuesday.  Today we’re going to be talking about a little feature that’s built into most every internet browser that I’m aware of.  It’s for when you’re browsing things like bank websites, your credit card website, or potentially any questionable websites that you may not be familiar with.

Private Browsing

This little feature is called different things.  Internet Explorer calls it InPrivate browsing.  Google Chrome calls it Incognito browsing.  Firefox calls it InPrivate browsing as well.

What it essentially does is while you’re on a particular site in that mode, it does not cache or save any information like credentials or history or anything.  Essentially, it’s another way to safeguard yourself when you’re browsing the internet.

InPrivate Browsing in Edge

InPrivate Browsing in EdgeIn Internet Explorer [or Edge] on Windows 10, you can see that if we click these three little dots on the righthand side, we can [launch] a New InPrivate Window.  It opens up a private browsing window.  It says “InPrivate” all over the place.  Then it gives you a brief description about what it is, so your browsing data like cookies, history, or temporary files are not saved on your device after you’re done.

Icognito in Chrome

Incognito Private Browsing in ChromeIt’s a very secure way of browsing.  Whenever I log into my bank websites, I normally use InPrivate browsing just as an added measure.  Inside of Chrome, if we click on the same little three dots, we can launch a new Incognito window.  It gives us a brief description of what’s going on here.

That’s your Tech Tip for this Tuesday.  Definitely use it.  It will create a safer browsing experience for yourself and avoid any information getting out into the public that shouldn’t be.  I look forward to talking to you again next week.

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