Hi! Eric Murcia here with another episode of Tech Tip Tuesday. Today’s Tech Tip is going to be a little bit less of a Tech Tip and more of a product review type of deal. If you’re anything like me, you use sticky notes, pads of paper, and anything and everything I can get my hands on to write on throughout the day. I leave notes all over the place, and it can become a very big mess. Sometimes the information doesn’t make it where it needs to go, and I have to go hunting for it later on.

Rocketbook Note-Taking

Enter this really cool thing that one of my colleagues introduced me to the other day, which is called a “Rocketbook”. Their claim to fame is that it is the last notebook you’ll ever buy. Essentially, it’s a notebook and pen with some special ink in it. You write all your notes, you draw, or you do whatever you need to do. There is an app that runs on your phone that allows you to mark these little symbols, and you can give different actions or what to do.

Scan Your Notes

Once you’re done with a page, you mark what you want to do with it, whether you want it to email it, or text it to you, or whatever you want. Then, you scan in those pages, and it uses this black border to get a perfect scan of everything that you have on that page. It has the ability to transcribe, do smart titles, email your transcription. It does some pretty crazy stuff, and you’re able to keep all those notes and file them away. I have mine set up now to send those notes directly to OneNote. I’m able to write stuff real quickly with a pen, like I normally would, but then I can pull those notes into OneNote. I have all that there, where I don’t lose anything. It kind of a combination of old-school technology with a new school spin on it.

Highly Recommended for Note-Takers

After using it for a couple weeks now, I can say it is a pretty neat thing. The best part about it is if you damp a washcloth, microfiber cloth, or paper towel, and you run that over the page it wipes the entire page clean. All the ink comes off. It doesn’t leave streaks like dry erase. You literally have a clean slate to start with after you have scanned in that information, so that is pretty amazing.

It does come with multiple pages, so if you’re taking multiple pages of notes, you can scan them all in before you have to wipe it clean, but it is a very thin notebook because they’re re-usable pages. You don’t have to have a whole lot of pages there. Definitely a neat product. I’m still learning the ins and outs of it and learning new things that it can do on a daily basis. The one that I got is this “Rocketbook Everlast”.

It is a really, really neat thing. I thought it was too cool of a device, if you can call it that, to not share it with folks out there, who love writing all their notes in a notebook and don’t have an easy way to get that into something useable for them. If you need it for personal use or in a business. Sidenote: they also make in very small, almost tiny tablet format as well. Pretty neat little product. I’d recommend you check it out if you like using pen and paper. I think this will kind of take this to the next step and make things a little bit easier and more efficient for you. So, that is your Tech Tip for this week, I look forward to talking to you again next week.

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