We’ve discussed the new features coming in Microsoft Office 2019 recently. The update is scheduled for release on October 1. Office 2019 is coming with more good news. The day after it releases, Microsoft will also be changing the limits on Office 365 installations for subscribers. Don’t worry. It’s good news, remember?

Current Office 365 Installation Limits

If you subscribe to Microsoft Office 365 Home, you’ve likely installed the software on multiple devices to share with a friend or family member. Each Office 365 Home subscription can be shared with 5 users. Across those 5 users, you can install the software on 10 total computers with the current license model for Office 365 Home subscribers. That limit typically covers small households, but larger families were forced to purchase multiple subscriptions. Office 365 Personal subscriptions limit users to 1 computer and 1 tablet.

Upcoming Office 365 Installation Limits

Starting October 2, Microsoft is expanding the user limit for Office 365 Home from 5 users to 6. Each of those users will gain 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage. If you’ve already set up Microsoft Family, your Office 365 subscription will automatically be shared with members of your family.

Additionally, Microsoft is removing the limit for Office 365 Installations in both Home and Personal subscriptions. Subscribers will be able to install Office on as many devices as they like. Despite the removal of the installation limit, each user can only be signed in on 5 devices at the same time though. If you want to sign in on a 6th device, you’ll have to sign out of a previous device.

Easier Account Management

The final modification makes managing your subscriptions easier than before. Previously, you had to sign in to office.com in order to make any changes to your Office 365 subscription. Now, you can sign into Microsoft’s Account portal. Your Office 365 subscription will be accessible there in addition to any other Microsoft services you may have.

While these changes are earth-shattering, they do make life easier for anyone sharing their Office 365 subscription. If you have any other questions regarding how the subscription limits have changed, Microsoft has provided a detailed FAQ.

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