Meltdown & Spectre Vulnerabilities

First, 2018 started with a bang.  Meltdown & Spectre transform that bang into an explosion.  These two massive, large-scale vulnerabilities were identified and released yesterday.  These vulnerabilities affect nearly every device on the planet including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.  These vulnerabilities allow an attacker to see the entire contents of a system’s memory.  The contents of that memory potentially could contain private/confidential information or even login/password information.


Meltdown fixes are being developed via software patches.  Make sure your devices are installing the latest security updates.  If you’re running an older device that is no longer supported, this would be an ideal time to upgrade.  This vulnerability affects only Intel-based devices.

Spectre poses a much higher risk.  Processors from every manufacturer contain the vulnerability including Intel, AMD, and ARM processors.  Due to the nature of the problem, it could require redesigning the processors.  In the meantime, software patches are being developed to help mitigate the exploitation of this flaw.

For Pit Crew Customers

We at Pit Crew are exploring and developing an implementation plan for our customers.  We will try our best to coordinate with you so it does not affect business operations.  However, we cannot guarantee that will be the case as the firmware/driver updates on some servers can take hours to complete.  As more information is available on this item, we will provide updates.

Not a Customer?

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