Mondays are generally disliked by everyone, but some Mondays are worse than others. Louisiana experienced that firsthand this week. Monday started with a ransomware attack that targeted state government servers. The aftermath led to a disruption of services across the entire state.

What Happened?

On Monday, Government employees couldn’t access the internet or their email. Government websites went down also. Fortunately, the bulk of these disruptions were caused by the response to the ransomware, and not the ransomware itself.

Louisiana’s Office of Technology Services (OTS) detected a threat on some state servers. They initiated security protocols immediately and began what’s being labeled as an “aggressive response.”

OTS shut down all state servers resulting in the disruptions mentioned earlier. Despite those disruptions, that swift response prevented the ransomware from spreading and causing more problems. As a result, the Louisiana government reports that they lost no data and paid no ransom.

Unfortunate Ransomware Run

Ransomware already visited Louisiana just a few months ago. In July, Louisiana Governor Jon Bel Edwards declared a state of emergency after ransomware hit three Louisiana school districts. OTS confirmed that Monday’s attack was similar to the attack in July.

Monday’s attack comes only two days after Governor Edwards narrowly defended his office in a runoff election. For you conspiracy theorists, the Secretary of State stated that the service disruptions did not affect the tallying of Saturday’s vote. Just in case, Governor Edward’s opponent can contest and ask for a recount until next week.

Is Your Organization Prepared?

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