Hello, and welcome to another episode of Tech Tip Tuesday. This week, we are going to be talking about a little app that is now free for many people. You probably don’t even know it. It is something that is the bane of existence for some business owners and employees. It generally makes life easier when tax time rolls around.

MileIQ for Free with Office 365

If you are already on Office 365 for email within your company, you may very well already have this for free. The app I’m talking about right here, and it is called MileIQ. Essentially, anyone that already has an Office 365 that meets the criteria, either Microsoft Business or Business Premium. You may already have that subscription.

What MileIQ Does

If you do, this app is essentially free for you. It’s a really great mile-tracking app. Lots of people use it. Lots of people pay for it. The fact that it’s one additional little item that you can get now for free and not have to pay for it [is great]. If you have multiple people in your organization driving, and you need them to roll up those mileage reports and send them to you, this is a really great way to leverage your existing investment in Office 365 and get a little bit more out of it.
That is your Tech Tip/App Tip for this week. I look forward to talking to you again next week.

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