Did you just get a shiny, new iPhone? Apple Store employees or various mobile providers will often walk you through the setup process before you leave the building. However, most of us just order new phones, and they arrive at our door. Setting up that new iPhone rests entirely on your shoulders. If you’re not sure where to begin, the following tips can help you navigate the rough terrain of phone migration.

Start with a backup.

If this is your first iPhone, you can skip this step. For the rest of you, create a backup of your current iPhone before you do anything. Backups are never bad. A backup will help you recover should something go wrong. Always, always, always make a backup.

Assuming you have space in your iCloud account, iCloud Backup makes the process simple. You can also backup your iPhone via iTunes, but the entire process is a little more complicated. Here are instructions from Apple on backing up with iTunes.

Connect your phone to a WiFi network if it isn’t already. Go to the Settings app. Tap your name at the very top. Tap iCloud. Look for “iCloud Backup” and tap. Tap “Back Up Now”. The backup process will begin and provide you an estimate of how long the process will take.

Turn on that new iPhone.

Power on your new iPhone, and it will start walking you through the setup process. Begin by selecting your language and country or region. From here, your old phone might make the rest of the process incredibly simple. It depends on the age of your old phone and whether or not you opted to upgrade iOS.

Option 1 – Quick Start is named appropriately.

If your old iPhone is running iOS 11 or newer, Quick Start should take over from here. Just place both phones near each other. The Quick Start screen should appear on your old phone and ask if you’d like to use your Apple ID to set up the new phone. If Quick Start doesn’t appear, go to the next section.

Tap Continue, and an animated, 3D orb of dots will appear on your new iPhone. Your old iPhone will switch to camera mode with a circle on the screen. You just need to line up the circle with the 3D orb. The new device will then prompt you to enter the passcode from your old device. The new phone should handle everything from there. Painless, right?

Option 2 – Restoring from a backup.

Alternatively, you can restore from the backup you created at the beginning. You’ll just need to connect to a WiFi network. After doing so, you’ll be prompted with the following options:

  • Restore from iCloud Backup
  • Restore from iTunes Backup
  • Set Up as New iPhone
  • Move Data from Android

Select Restore from iCloud Backup, and sign into iCloud with the same account that’s on your old iPhone. Select the backup you just made (make sure the backup completed on the old phone). The restore process will take over from there.

If you opted to make an iTunes backup previously, here are directions to restore that iTunes backup.

Coming from Android?

Apple provides an app on the Google Play store to assist your move to iPhone. Download the Move to iOS app on your Android device. On your new iPhone, tap Move Data from Android (see Option 2 above), and your phone will walk you through the process. The transfer can take a while, but contacts, messages, photos and videos, mail accounts, and more will be transferred without having to do much on your end. It’s pretty easy.

options and your accounts.

At this point, you’ll need to set up Face ID, Touch ID, and Apply Pay (if you opt to use them… you don’t have to). The restore process will already be working in the background. It takes a little bit of time to download your previous apps and sync data, but you can start using your phone right away. You’ll have to sign into some email accounts and the App Store, but at this point, you should be good to go. Enjoy your new iPhone!

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