As we launch into the last half of the year, it seemed a good time to remind you to pay attention to your network. It often gets overlooked as long as everything is running fine. However, your network needs a checkup from time to time just like people. So as we start this second half of 2020, take a moment to take the pulse of your network with a network health checkup. A few hours of your time now can identify potential problems in the future.

Install Updates

New patches and updates are released all the time. Once installed, patches and updates can secure known vulnerabilities, fix bugs, and improve performance. Besides your workstations and servers, check every device on your network. You’ll likely find firmware updates for everything from VoIP phones to wireless access points.

Review Security

Take a look at your firewall settings. We regularly come across old firewall rules that are no longer needed. Unnecessary rules may provide potential points of compromise. Removing them improves perimeter security.

Check Your Backups

Once set up, backups tend to be forgotten. Be sure to review and test your backups. Are they running as expected? Test the recovery process to ensure that files or systems can be restored quickly.

Run Deep Scans

Initiate a deep malware and virus scan on all workstations and servers. Sophisticated malware uses a variety of tricks to hide from standard security scans. Deep scans can help discover these hard-to-find malicious files.

Perform Benchmark Tests

Test the performance of your servers, workstations, and network hardware. These benchmarks can identify problem areas or even failing hardware.

Digitally Clean Everything

Remove old files you don’t need anymore. Archive old email. Uninstall unused programs so they don’t take up space or run in the background using up resources. Run disk maintenance and empty system recycle bins or trash cans.

Physically Clean Everything

Dust accumulates in and on electronics easily. Unfortunately, this can interfere with device cooling and lead to overheating. Take the time to properly clean those systems out.

Update Your Notes

Many people don’t take the time to document everything with detail. What hardware do you have? Where is it located? How is your infrastructure set up? Accurate information helps everyone and can improve solving issues when they arise.

Don’t Have Time?

The benefits of a network checkup easily justify the time spent completing it. That being said, carving out time for a checkup can be difficult for anyone. If you need help, just contact us! We’d be happy to send someone from our crew out to run a complete network health check. Just request a consultation below to get started!

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