Is work taking over your personal life these days?  In today’s tech-infused world, it’s easier than ever to get stuff done anytime and nearly anywhere.  Sometimes when you call it a day, you find that it’s already time for bed.  With that in mind, Google recently added some new features to Google Calendar for G-Suite users.  Their goal is to “help protect your time out of the office.”

Out of Office

The new “out of office” feature is pretty easy to use.  When creating an event, just select the “out of office” option as the event type.  This setting makes the event appear differently on the calendar.  Anyone able to view your calendar will know instantly that you’re unavailable.

In addition to that, Google Calendar declines any invitations for meetings that fall in that time period.  The decline message can be customized as you see fit.  You can also adjust the visibility of the title, so not everyone knows you’re at the doctor or just visiting family.

Based on the title you enter, Google Calendar will automatically attempt to figure out if you’re creating an “out of office” type event.  You can still manually change the event type at any time.

Working Hours

You can now customize your working hours in Google Calendar.  Just click the Settings icon (the gear) at the top of the screen, and scroll down.  You should find your working hours there.  Even if you’ve never set them, Google Calendar will attempt to guess what they are based on your previous events.

Once you’ve verified your hours, this is where the new feature comes into play.  If someone invites you to a meeting outside of those hours, Google Calendar will let them know that you’re not available.

G-Suite Users Only

For now, these features are for G-Suite users only.  If you’re looking for these features within your personal Google Calendar, you won’t find them.  Google may eventually roll these out to standard users also, but they haven’t stated that at this time.  For you G-Suite users, make use of these features to start taking back some of that personal time.

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