Last week, we looked at extending battery life on iPhones. This week, we turn our attention to accomplishing the same task on Android phones. As with iPhones, there are multiple ways to improve battery life on your Android.

Due to a wide array of devices running Android, details on implementing these tips vary from phone to phone. We’ll provide very general instructions. For your specific device, you may need to search for more information (e.g. “power saving mode on Samsung Galaxy S10”). You can also tap the search icon within the Settings app to find the applicable section.

1. Spend Less Time Watching Videos or Playing Games

This applies across all phones and seems pretty obvious. These activities drain your battery at such an incredible rate, we figured it was worth mentioning anyway. Watching an hour-long episode could take 5% or more of your power. Games require even more power, especially those that compete online or are graphic-intensive.

2. Activate Power Saving Mode

Power Saving Mode, also called Batter Saver, lives up to its name. It will automatically apply changes across your phone to conserve as much energy as possible. Depending on your device, it can shut off your screen sooner, reduce screen brightness, turn off extraneous sounds and vibrations, and restrict apps with high battery usage.

You should be able to find Power Saving or Battery Saver in the Settings app under Battery. Some devices provide more than one power saving option. For example, Samsung Galaxy phones provide 2 or more options. Each provides a different level of power savings and can be customized.

3. Turn Down Your Screen Brightness

Smartphone screens have gotten better and better over the years. Unfortunately, all those pixels use a lot of juice. Most likely, you don’t need your phone to be at its brightest setting all the time. Go to the display settings and turn down the brightness. You may also want to disable auto brightness. The phone attempts to detect how bright the screen should be, but it can also make it brighter than necessary.

4. Turn Off Active Tracking

Multiple features run on your phone that you probably don’t utilize all the time. If you need to save power, try shutting off things like NFC, Samsung’s phone visibility, and location services. If Google Assistant is enabled, it’s always actively listening and using the battery. Consider disabling it if you need more power.

5. Tone Down Wallpaper and Widgets

Moving wallpapers look great, but your display uses more power to animate them. Still backgrounds with fewer colors use less energy. For the ultimate power-conscious wallpaper, just go with solid black. Nothing saves more power than that.

Widgets function much the same. They’re convenient, but a widget is basically an app running all the time. It uses energy to keep info updated on your screen. Removing those can also help improve battery life.

6. Try Greenify

The Greenify app (and others like it) analyzes the apps on your phone and identifies those that are likely to use more battery life. It can even put problem apps into hibernation and block it from starting back up on its own again. This will prevent those apps from running in the background and using up battery life unnecessarily. Don’t worry though. Any of those apps will launch just fine if you do so manually.

Still Having Battery Issues?

Hopefully, these tips will help your phone last longer. Not noticing a difference? These tips can only help save some battery life. They’re not going to make your phone work like new. Older phones have lower-capacity batteries. If your phone is over 5 years old, it may be time to consider upgrading to a new phone or investing in a new battery. You can also look into a phone case with a built-in battery. This battery will supplement your phone’s internal battery and add additional run time.

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