Spotify just restarted a promotion they offered last year.  Now through November 15, you can get a new Google Home Mini for $0.

Before you get too excited, this isn’t the new Google Nest Mini. (Yes, Google owns Nest now too.) The new Nest Mini offers improved audio and a headphone jack, but the Home Mini still works just great. And who doesn’t like free stuff? Just be sure to grab yours before November 15.

How to Get Your Google Home Mini

Spotify is offering this to both new and current subscribers.

1. Visit Spotify’s website.

You should see the offer right at the top of their homepage like in the image below.

Spotify Google Home Mini Offer Screenshot


Even if you have a subscription, just click on the one you currently have. You will need to log in if you aren’t already. If eligible, you should see a terms of service agreement.

3. Check your email!

Spotify will send you an email with a link to get your free Goole Home Mini.

4. Sign in to the Google Store and pick a color.

Once selected, you should see the price go down to $0. Complete the process, and your Mini will be shipped out soon.

Google Home Mini Colors

Offer Exceptions

A few things can prevent you from taking advantage of this offer. If you see something like the image below, you don’t qualify.

Spotify Google Home Mini Offer Exceptions

Here are the reasons why.

  • You subscribe to Spotify Premium through a partner.
  • You don’t currently have an eligible Spotify Premium account.
  • You don’t have a US Spotify Premium account.
  • You’ve already redeemed a Google Home Mini through a previous Spotify offer.

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