Welcome to the 20s! The last decade saw the rise of the iPad, Instagram, Windows 10, ride-sharing, smart speakers, smartwatches, VR, AR, and so much more. As we begin our march through the next decade, here are a few advances in technology coming your way in 2020.

5G Networks

We first discussed 5G just over a year ago. While the technology launched in 2019, 2020 will likely be the year that it explodes. Sure, we can watch movies and stream music over better connections. Really, the implications go far beyond that. Dizzying speeds will lead to groundbreaking possibilities in apps and mobile technology. With a high-speed mobile connection, smartphones can tap into powerful cloud computing and accomplish things well beyond a smartphone’s capabilities.

Future Tech 2020 - Self Driving Cars

Self-Driving Cars

While the concept isn’t new, more vehicles will be pushing forward into this arena. Some autonomous features have already made it to the market. Many vehicles from the last few years feature automated braking, self-parking, and lane-changing. Watch for this technology to grow this year. Tesla’s Elon Musk publicly stated that he expects to produce a “complete” autonomous vehicle by the end of 2020. Soon, you can read your book while your car drops you off at work.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision

Our smartphones identify faces when taking photographs. Autonomous vehicles use advanced recognition systems to identify lanes, vehicles, and other objects on the road. Advances in computer vision will help systems identify important items related to the task at hand.

Self-driving cars will improve the way they navigate the world. Factories can watch for equipment failures or production problems. Security cameras can identify threats and notify you.

Like it or not, computer vision leads directly to facial recognition. We’ve already seen it with Apple’s FaceID and image tagging on social media. The Dubai airport scans faces so quickly that people pass through security in 15 seconds. Facial recognition technology and the debate surrounding it will only grow in 2020.

China Moon Landing

China’s 2019 Moon Rover

Back to Space

2019 marked the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. Now, many countries are ramping up for the next stage. Japan is working with the United States and Russia to develop a new space station that will orbit the moon. Many see the moon as the logical testing ground for a future colony on Mars.

China already landed a base station and rover on the moon in 2019. Rumor has it that they’re planning a manned lunar landing soon. SpaceX (another Elon Musk company) is hoping for a manned lunar mission as soon as 2023. NASA and Blue Origin separately have goals for 2024 landings. Welcome to the new space race.

What Else?

We’ve only listed technologies that are currently on the radar. New technology always breeds other new technologies. We didn’t even mention 3D printing, AI, and human augmentation. Welcome to the future! Who do we talk to about a bionic arm?

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