Can you only see icons across your Chrome tabs? Have you ever looked for a tab you know is open and just decided to open it again? Some people might call you a tab hoarder. Pay no attention to those people. They’re probably tab minimalists and waste precious moments each day reloading tabs they closed 30 minutes ago.

Tab hoarders are all too familiar with trying to keep track of the dozens of tabs currently open. Google knows how you feel, and they’ve developed a feature to help. Say hello to tab groups.

Chrome Tab Groups Example

Chrome Tab Groups

The name is pretty self-explanatory. You’ll be able to organize your tabs however you like. To create a group, right-click on a tab at the top of your screen. Select “Add to New Group.” A colored dot will appear to the left. If the tab is active, a matching border will appear around it. Otherwise, the border will appear below the tab.

To add more tabs to the group, simply right-click on those tabs, hover over “Add Tab to Group,” and select an existing group. The tab will move into the group, and the colored bar will appear underneath. You can also drag tabs into and out of groups.

Clicking the dot opens the customization menu. You’ll be provided with a variety of options here. You can change the color or add a  custom label. Some people have been using labels like “Work,” “ASAP,” “In Progress,” or “Shopping.” You can even use emoji if you like.

Clicking the group dot or name also provides the ability to delete the group, close it, or move all the group tabs into a new window.

You can see a quick demo of the feature below.

Chrome Tab Groups in Action

Tab Groups Feature Release

Google will roll this feature out to Chrome users next week. However, you can activate it now if you just can’t wait. Just make sure you’re running at least Chrome 81 (you probably are).

In a new tab, enter “chrome://flags” in the address bar. Type “tab groups” in the search bar. Change the dropdown from “Default” to “Enabled.” Chrome will need to restart. Once Chrome reopens, you’ll find the tab grouping feature when you right-click on any tab.

Enjoy organizing your tabs!

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