Hello! Eric Murcia here with another episode of Tech Tip Tuesday. This week’s Tech Tip is actually brought to you by one of our clients that submitted an idea during one of our quarterly reviews. I thought was a really great idea. It was something that they just went through recently themselves when they were relocating homes. I thought it would be a great idea to share with the community. It was something I didn’t know was possible or available for very little or potentially even no cost at all.

Poor Cell Phone Signal

So, we’ve all been there at your business, at your home, or at a friend’s house where you have a really, really bad cell phone signal. Either for making and receiving calls or just your regular, old data connection. I just pulled up the webpage of a couple of different providers.

Cell Phone Signal Boosters

T-Mobile makes something called a signal booster that you can add to your account. It looks like they may require a deposit, but I’ve heard of them giving these away for free depending on the situation. It takes about 15 minutes to install, is very simple to use, and provides coverage to your whole house.

AT&T has a similar unit called the MicroCellⓇ. It looks like their unit leverages extending the AT&T network, but it also potentially uses your internet connection at your house to deliver some of those services. That’s a little bit of a different approach, but very interesting nonetheless. It looks like they offer personal and business setups for that.

Verizon has a Samsung unit that they have instructions for here on how to get it set up, and I believe they have multiple other extenders as well.

Sometimes, It’s Free

Of course, the cost of each of these options through these different providers is dependent on the provider. However, like I said, I have heard of them giving these away for free to get service into a home or business that has very poor coverage. [They’re hoping] you add more lines of service, I guess would be the idea there. In any case, if you have ever been in that situation where you have a really poor signal strength or are in that situation now, this could be a very, very good option for you.

So, that is your Tech Tip for this week, I look forward to talking to you again next week.

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