The Windows brand may be old, but it keeps learning new tricks. Here are a few that you may not know about. They could make your time in front of a Windows 10 PC even easier.

Switch Virtual Desktops Quickly

Remember the days of running one program at a time? Need to use the word processor? Save your work, close that spreadsheet, and launch your word processor (with a potential disk swap in between). Multitasking revolutionized using a computer. Now it’s common for users to launch over 30 programs in a single shift.

OS developers came up virtual desktops as a clever solution to deal with a multitude of open windows. In Windows 10, simply click the Task View icon on the Task Bar.

7 Windows 10 Tips Task View Button

Every open window on the current desktop will be displayed. You’ll also see a “New desktop” button and any existing virtual desktops at the top. You can drag a window to any desktop or to the “New desktop” button. You could potentially separate your work apps and personal apps across different desktops.

Switching between them can be done with the Task View button, but there’s also a faster way. Press Windows key + Ctrl + left OR right arrow to quickly move to the next desktop. This can speed up your productivity or help you hide your social media addiction (we won’t tell).

Right-Click On Start Menu Tiles

Clicking the Start Menu brings up your programs along with a ton of tiles for pinned apps. Want to rearrange or remove them altogether? Right-click and a pop-up menu allows you to resize, remove, and other options depending on the app.

Alternate Start Menu

Maybe you hate tiles completely and really miss the classic start menu. You could remove all the tiles for a trimmer start menu (see above). You can also right-click on the Windows icon and quickly jump to common Windows settings or functions.

Snap Windows

Windows 7 introduced snapping windows. Drag a window to any side, and it resizes to fit half the screen. Windows 10 added additional functionality at the corners also. Drag a window to any corner, and it will resize to take up a quarter of the window instead of half.

Right-Click On The Taskbar

Right-clicking on the taskbar allows you to quickly make changes to the taskbar without having to go to the Taskbar settings. Show and hide various toolbars or icons. You can rearrange your windows.

Shake Your Window

Windows 7 also brought a new feature that Microsoft didn’t really tell anyone about. Click and hold the top of any window like you’re going to move it. Instead, give the window a shake and watch every other window minimize and disappear. Don’t worry. They’re still open. If you shake it again, they all pop back up.

Show Desktop

This trick also dates back to Windows 7, but it’s less obvious than it used to be. You’ll find a sliver at the far right of your taskbar just past the time and notification icon. It’s actually an invisible button that hides all open windows with one click.

7 Windows 10 Tips Show Desktop Button

Easy File Sharing With Nearby Sharing

Nearby Sharing works much like AirDrop from another company you may know. Click the share icon, and then click “turn on nearby sharing”. Anyone else in range that also has Nearby Sharing enabled will appear. Click and your file will be sent to that person immediately.

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