Most people around the United States will be celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday. There will be food, laughter, and a variety of sports enjoyed in homes across the country. It’s easy to bury your head in your phone checking email, scores, or social media. Instead, why not use your phone to make Thanksgiving more memorable than ever? Here are 5 ways a few apps will help you do just that!

1. Recipe Apps: The Key to Better Thanksgiving Food

Thanksgiving always includes a lot of food. Unfortunately, we’re not all master chefs. Not sure how to cook that turkey you bought? Looking for a new stuffing recipe? These apps will guide you to cooking a Thanksgiving meal like a pro.

2. Timing is Everything

While cooking, we often resort to using every timer we can find! MultiTimer (iOS) and Multi Timer Free (Android) are two great apps that live up to their names. You can perfectly track cooking times for your entire Thanksgiving meal using just your phone. Just create a timer, label it, and start it. Of course, now you have no excuse if something gets burned.

3. See Faces You Love

Do you have family or friends that you won’t get to see in person this Thanksgiving? That shouldn’t keep you from seeing them. Use a video app to see the faces you miss most. Don’t let different smartphone platforms stop you either. These video apps work on both Android and Apple devices! Plus, they’re free!

4. Steal the Remote

Visiting someone else’s house? Are people talking too loud while you’re trying to watch the game? You can’t grab the remote. That would be rude. However, with WiFi access and the right app, you can control virtually every smart TV from your phone.

Once connected to WiFi, track down the app you need. You can try Amazon Fire (Android, iOS) or Roku (Android, iOS) first. If that doesn’t work, casually look for the TV manufacturer somewhere on the bezel. Then search for apps from that manufacturer.

These apps usually walk you through connecting to the TV. Once connected, you have full volume control and maybe more. Just use your new powers stealthily. When turning the volume up, hide your screen and act confused like everyone else. You’re welcome.

5. Family Game Time

After you’re done eating, burn off some of that food playing games with your family. These two games work great for large groups and span multiple ages.


Android, iOS – Free

Spaceteam puts your entire group in a spaceship that’s about to explode. You can use the control panel on your phone to prevent disaster. Unfortunately, the instructions you need are on everyone else’s phones. Every player shouts out the instructions they see while listening for anything that applies to their own control panel. Work fast, and you just might save your ship!

Heads Up!

Android – Free, iOS – $0.99

Pick a category, hold your phone up to your head, and have your friends start throwing clues at you. Guess right and score points. Can’t figure it out? Move on to the next word, phrase, or character. A large selection of categories can provide entertainment for hours. Some categories even work for younger ages!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Your Thanksgiving may range from loud and hectic to quiet and peaceful. No matter how you spend it, we hope your food tastes great, your favorite team wins dramatically, and your family time is amazing. We at Pit Crew IT wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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