You’ve heard of gigabytes, terabytes, and ant bites (just checking to see if you’re paying attention). Have you heard of petabytes? In case you haven’t, 1 petabyte equals about 1000 terabytes or 1 million gigabytes. We’re rounding, but don’t forget. You may need that for Jeopardy someday.

Business Data Is Booming

Dell EMC Research reported last month that the average business managed 9.70 petabytes of data in 2018.  Back in 2016, that number was only 1.45 petabytes. That’s an increase of nearly 670% in just two years!

We know most businesses are small businesses, and most don’t manage anywhere near that much data. However, most small businesses add data at about the same rate.

In any case, all business data is valuable. As such, losing that data should be avoided. Data loss costs more than downtime caused by system issues and ransomware. As a result, protecting business data presents the biggest challenge for any company.

Business Data Protection Challenges

Dell’s report highlighted the following items as the 4 biggest data protection challenges faced by businesses:

1. The complexity of configuring and operating data protection software/hardware.

Plenty of backup products sell themselves as “easy-to-use”, but they’re usually pretty basic. These solutions often back up more than they need to and require more storage than necessary. In the long run, they typically cost more.

Additionally, making sure your backups run is one thing. Small businesses regularly don’t go beyond that. Making sure those backups are usable takes time and effort. How do you recover data? How quickly can you recover? Often, businesses think they have a backup and recovery plan in place only to find out it wasn’t working properly.

2. The ballooning costs of storing and managing backup copies due to rapid data growth.

We see this problem often. Businesses regularly need more storage allocated for day-to-day operations. That additional storage means you need more storage for backups. This can also result from the previous challenge. Backing up unnecessary items can cause backup sizes to increase dramatically.

3. The lack of data protection solutions for emerging technologies.

This challenge hits larger businesses more but isn’t limited to them. While your small business may not be utilizing AI, many use IoT devices. Backup solutions haven’t really pushed into that area yet. Recovering data for these technologies can be difficult.

4. Ensuring compliance with regulations (like GDPR and HIPAA).

Regulations typically don’t care about the size of your business. How you store data and backups matters. All types of data storage must be compliant. How you transmit data outside your organization must comply with regulations. HIPAA alone complicates every aspect of your network and data storage.

Overcoming These Challenges

There is no simple solution we can hand you to take care of these problems by yourself. It’s like asking a mechanic how to rebuild your engine. There are just too many moving parts. However, we can make sure your organization is prepared for the worst. We deal with data protection every day. We’ve helped many businesses recover data previously thought lost for good. If you’re not quite sure how prepared you are, request a consultation below. We’ll take it from there, and you can rest assured that your data is safe.

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