The rumor mill told us a new iPhone was coming soon. We were expecting something named iPhone 9. Instead, Apple officially announced the second generation of its entry-level iPhone – iPhone SE.

Yes, Apple already made an iPhone SE, but that was back in 2016. The 2020 iPhone SE follows a similar concept though. It puts the power of an iPhone 11 in the body of an iPhone 8. This model improves and replaces the iPhone 8, which is now discontinued. It’s best feature? It starts at only $399. This makes it an affordable option for both your teenagers and company-wide business deployments.

iPhone SE Features

The 2020 iPhone SE utilizes a 4.7″ (diagonal) screen with the old iPhone bezel. It works perfectly for those wishing they had a smaller phone. The display matches those on the latest iPhones in brightness and color. It also includes the same TrueTone technology found in the latest iPhones.

When it comes to performance, you’ll find Apple’s latest chip, the A13, inside. It also includes the corresponding third-gen neural engine. On paper, the iPhone SE may perform as fast as the iPhone 11.

The iPhone SE also includes wireless charging. According to Apple, you can reach a 50% charge in just 30 minutes. Additionally, the iPhone SE is IP67 rated protecting it from both water and dust.

Missing Features

You won’t find multiple cameras on the back of the iPhone SE. Instead, a single 12MP camera sits there all alone. The quality won’t quite compare to the iPhone 11 series. However, the A13 chip makes that one camera capable of much more than you think. Many of the high-end iPhone features, like portrait mode, virtual lighting, and Smart HDR, will work with the iPhone SE’s camera. The front camera will perform about the same.

Don’t like Face ID? You won’t find it on the iPhone SE. This means there’s no notch on the screen either. Just like the iPhone 8, it still uses a home button with a Touch ID sensor. In fact, the design is close to an iPhone 8, it’s backward-compatible with all iPhone 8 cases.

iPhone SE Release Date & Pricing

Apple will release the iPhone SE on April 24. You can preorder yours today. Pricing starts at $399 for 64GB of storage. You can also purchase 128GB and 256GB for $449 and $559, respectively.

As an entry-level iPhone, the iPhone SE checks all the boxes for a smartphone. It should run well and take decent photos for its price point. We could easily see this being the go-to phone for businesses that provide devices to their employees. For consumers, we’re all waiting for the iPhone 12.

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