Tired of hearing about ransomware?  We are too, but don’t start tuning it out just yet.  There’s a reason we talk about ransomware and security so much.  Verizon released their annual report on data breach investigations last month.  The results tell us a lot of things.  Most of them aren’t good.

Small Businesses Attacked Most

Small business made up 58% of the victims in these attacks.  There are two likely reasons for this.  First, SMBs are the largest group to begin with providing more targets for attackers.  Second, SMBs often lack the resources of larger organizations to keep up with the ever-growing list of security threats.

Healthcare Biggest Target by Industry

We’ve mentioned the risk to the healthcare industry in previous articles, like this one.  For industries with at least 100 breaches, healthcare organizations account for 27% of all breaches.  Accommodations come in next at 17%.  The full breakdown looks like the chart below.

Ransomware Victims by Industry

Ransomware Most Common

39% of malware-involved cases contained ransomware.  This is more than double the rate for last year, which was already double the rate of the year before that.  This continued growth rate is alarming.  Making matters worse, ransomware appears to be involving more business-critical systems like servers than ever before.

Employees Keep Falling Victim

Organizations most often suffer a breach as a result of an employee falling for a phishing attempt.  Financial pretexting and phishing were the cause of 93% of all breaches in the report.  Phony emails kicked off the intrusion on 96% of those.  Employees need ongoing education in cybersecurity and recognizing phishing emails.  Some of these attacks could be prevented in small businesses with the proper protection at the network level.

Small Business Help

Overall, small businesses need help with IT solutions and management.  The risks continue to grow at an alarming rate.  Not every organization can afford a dedicated IT staff.  Even if they can, it’s often not the most cost-effective route when compared to a virtual IT department like what we provide at Pit Crew IT Services.  If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you, request a free consultation below.