2018 New Year Free UTM Firewall Special

/2018 New Year Free UTM Firewall Special
2018 New Year Free UTM Firewall Special
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2018 New Year Special Free Firewall San Antonio

FREE UTM Firewall & Managed Security

With purchase of fully managed IT plan, we will include a UTM security device which is the modern-day evolution of the firewall.  It still performs the basic function of determining which devices can get into and out of the network, but it also takes security to the next level. (Device details available below.)

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Unified Threat Firewall Details


  • Application filtering to block applications that the business does not approve for use.
  • Content filtering to block websites that the business does not approve for use.
  • Advanced threat filtering to view all the data coming into and out of the organization and using configurable rules to block, alert, or allow known malicious or potentially malicious data through.
  • SSLVPN which is the modern incarnation of VPN for users that allows easy access to VPN from laptops, mobile phones, and much more.
  • Antispam filtering for organizations that run locally hosted e-mail systems
  • Bandwidth management which allows certain activities, applications, or devices to  receive the speed they need while throttling less important items
  • VOIP friendly
  • IPS which takes the basic function of access and enhances it for Intrusion Prevention purposes by dynamically scanning data and pinpointing/blocking potential bad guys
  • Basic reporting capabilities to ensure your internet connection is working for your business and to be able to hold your internet provider accountable for providing what they are contractually obligated to provide.

Managed Security Service

  • Pit Crew will manage, update, and maintain the onsite device at its own expense.
  • At the end of the term the device will be swapped out for a new device.  This ensures the business is always at the forefront of security technology.
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